Healing Your Trauma Naturally

Healing Your Trauma Naturally

Living a healthy life after a traumatic injury is possible and we want to show you how. We’ll show you the 4 pillars of healing your trauma naturally, which need to be lived to understand its power to transform.

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2022 Events

Songwriting Camp

Veterans for Healing is bringing you a week long songwriting camp in the beautiful Piper’s Glen Retreat in Cape Breton Island.

Tell your story to Keith Mullins privately for 2-3 hours and turn it into a song with him. He will take it away and professionally record at his studio.

August 21 – 28 , 2022

Yoga & Sound Healing

Yoga & sound healing have been instrumental in our healing. Click through to see the virtual yoga and sound healing events happening at Julianenowe.com

Horse Companionship-2021

Learn how to connect with horses in our equestrian lead learning pilot project at Venture Stables in P.E.I. Learn more here.


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Stories of Healing

Here are some stories of the ongoing quest to find balance and renewed health. This is what worked for them as they navigated the depth of trauma they were expiriencing.

Duncan McLachlan

MY CAREER Combat Engineer 12 years & Infantry 8 years  with tours in Croatia / Bosnia, Germany, USA / Hurricane Katrina, Afghanistan MY TRAUMA The effects of trauma on my life were incapacitating , a total shut down on life , angry, isolated , afraid ,...

Stephen O’Brien

My Career Canadian Military Artillery (18 yrs ) Infantry  (4 yrs ) Tours.. Bosnia 2001-02 Afghanistan 2007 and 2010 My injuries during my tours and everyday activities had a horrible effect on my body and mind. PTSDMAJOR DEPRESSION HIGH ANXIETY OCD TENDENCIES BACK...

Jack Rennie

My Career I'm an Advanced Care Paramedic and have been in the industry for nearly a decade. I’ve worked in urban, rural, northern, industrial, clinical, and educational flight settings throughout my career which have brought me to nearly every corner of Saskatchewan....

Scott LeBlanc

My Career I am a first responder. I have 20 years in firefighting and rescue related services. During my career as fire and rescue I worked in the oilfields of Alberta and BC, as an instructor for rescue, with NSDNR on their helitack crew, and as a volunteer in my...

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The 4 Pillars

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The 4 Pillars of Trauma Recovery

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