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About us

Global Alliance Foundation Fund is a nonprofit veteran organization focused on assisting in the healing journey to increasing the quality of life of our members. Through our unique 4 pillar system we have seen countless trauma patients connect to their spirit and thrive in a quest to find purpose again.

Our Story

Fabian Henry started MFT in 2013 with an idea to provide medical cannabis access to all veterans nationally through physician services. Many thought Fabian was crazy at that time but Mike Southwell believed in Fabian’s mission and invested a small amount and away they went to start a mmj educational campaign where many lives were saved. To date, over 12,000 patients have been seen, thousands of lives improved, spouses and families are supported, and there is a new way to heal. 

A Word From Retired Colonel Pat Stogran

The Spark of Inspiration for Fabian

While Fabian was running MFT he went to pick up Colonel Stogran for a book signing for a vet support group. His book ‘Rude Awakening‘ is about his experience in the government as Canada’s First Veterans Ombudsman.

They were smoking Pink Kush and Fabian came up with the idea of GAFF. He pledged to donate the proceeds of the sale of MFT to start a charity for the future care of veterans. 

This short visit with Colonel Stogran started a powerful friendship. He’d like to thank him for his kind words and support on this mission.

Our Mission

To enhance the quality of life for retiring CAF members & veterans through their transition by way of education, economic empowerment, comradeship and a wide breadth of support.

Through an established hybrid network of face-to-face and technology-based methods, the forward thinkers who deliver this blended approach will become the tribe of future veterans.


Values and Beliefs 

  • respect for self, family & community 
  • instilling civic values to person and group
  • strive to be the company society wants to exist 
  • cultivate people while providing support to ultimately reaching a dream that is within their reality 
  • challenging the reality of people without breaking their spirit 
  • equality but transparency for members to build trust 
  • simplicity of use and human interaction with human clients 

Our Vision

GAFF is a patient-centered model of care for global consideration.


A state-of-the-art patient focused retreat is being developed in Pipers Glen on Cape Breton Island. With an accessible hub of online resources the GAFF will be one charity trying to bridge the full inclusion gap between veterans, first-responders, First Nations and their families, providing access to modalities of sustainable healing and wellness.

Our Focus

Veterans, first responders, first nations & families who are in need of healing.


The GAFF is taking an empowerment based leadership style to enhance performance within individuals, their families, and non-profit groups. Providing knowledge, confidence, and self-awareness, to become gainfully enriched with tools to increase ones quality of life.


By 2022, GAFF will support veteran-owned and operated non-profit groups with multiple resources to successfully operate a business and enrich their lives and those around them. Some may qualify for financial assistance in way of perpetuity.


We all have control over the choices in our lives, therefore any aspect of healing on an individual journey is voluntary. At no point are any activities we offer “a must” for those who suffer with a trauma, yet they are simply offerings. This is understood and acknowledged—it’s a field of care our group is intimately aware of and we are here to help.

Our History

When a soldier is dedicated to completing an important task, it is said they have a high GAFF. In the military this is commonly known as the “give a [email protected] factor” which is the organizational culture we impose upon our members. Through “bridging the gap”, we empower individuals with the skills and knowledge they need for a self-sustaining life that will have far-reaching capabilities. As a veteran-operated and privately-lead charity we recognize the many non-profit groups doing excellent work within their community, province, state and internationally. Our approach is to assist and provide the resources needed to enhance all veteran philanthropic work being accomplished. We seek to be a force multiplier creating partnerships for all veteran non-profit groups internationally.


Our Journey of Hope


From the studio that brought you “Unprescribed” comes the next chapter about veterans treating PTSD with natural alternatives. “Prescribed” follows Canadian veterans on a two-year journey of hope, healing and camaraderie. Coming in Fall 2022 in honour of the 22 US soldiers per day who take their own lives to end the suffering.

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