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The Purchase of Piper’s Glen

Fabian decided to buy Piper's Glen to create a retreat for veterans that needed to experience life in a natural environment surrounded by people that had the same lifestyle. The plans are big to take aftercare into his own hands, but this isn't stopping him. You can...

Fabian Henry- A Warrior for the Wounded

Fabian has worked tirelessly to make sure no veteran falls through the cracks. When he was cut loose from the military he was a broken man and it's what he did to help himself, that he's brings to you now. The fight to help others came through the Marijuana for Trauma...

Vapes for Vets Launches

Veterans Affairs approved Medical Cannabis at a reimbursement rate of $8.50 per gram of dried cannabis, or its equivalent in fresh cannabis or cannabis oil. When Fabian got the news he said, that's great, now provide me with a vape so I don't burn out my lungs. Of...

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