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Jim has been an entrepreneur in the start-up world of Cape Breton Island for over 30 years.

The key skills and experience he brings to the BCP team are in understanding opportunities to improve systems. From seeing the vision, putting the team together, ensuring efficient planning, investment and action to working through issues and problems – that invariably relate back to people. Jim has and continues to be a leader of dynamic change.

And from a start-up career developing the first successful commercial maple syrup business on Cape Breton Island to his leadership in making social enterprises, like the “Roots of Empathy” thrive across NS, he continues to pioneer initiatives that stand the test of time.

Jim has worked extensively with all levels of government to improve the ability to do business in rural Nova Scotia. Jim was elected Municipal Councillor in Inverness County in 2010, and represents the district where the golf phenomenon of Cabot Links and Cliffs has put western Cape Breton on the world’s map.

Through Jim’s visionary leadership he helped establish rural transit, the Island wide CB Food Hub, a Forestry innovation Cooperative, affordable and attainable housing and championing the ongoing journey of reconciliation with our Mi’kmaq communities.

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