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Pat Stogran was born in Lasarre, Quebec, and spent his teenage years in British Columbia before joining the Canadian Forces in August, 1976.  Graduating from the Royal Military College of Canada (RMCC) in 1980 with a degree in Electrical Engineering, he joined the Third Battalion Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry (3 PPCLI) at Work Point Barracks in Victoria, British Columbia.  He returned to the Third Battalion twenty years later as the Commanding Officer, having enjoyed a wealth of regimental experience in 1 and 3 PPCLI and the Canadian Airborne Regiment in virtually every command and staff capacity.

Colonel Stogran is a graduate of the British Army Technical Staff College (1986), Canadian Forces Command and Staff College (1995) and the US Army War College (2004).  He served operationally as a United Nations Military Observer in Bosnia in 1993/94 during which time he was Mentioned in Dispatch for courage under fire, and with 3 PPCLI in Afghanistan for which he was awarded the Canadian Forces Meritorious Service Cross (MSC), and the Bronze Star from the United States Army.  He served extensively in military procurement as project manager at National Defence Headquarters in Ottawa and as an instructor at the Canadian Land Forces Technical Staff Programme at RMCC. He was also a tactics instructor with the Australian Army Land Warfare Center in Queensland, Australia 1995-98.

Colonel Stogran left the Canadian Forces in November 2007 to become Canada’s first Veterans Ombudsman, a position he served in until 2010.  Since then he has continued to advocate on behalf of Veterans and other Canadians disadvantaged by their government, although his priority is to give back to his family who provided him such stalwart support throughout his turbulent career.  Colonel Stogran is also interested in martial arts, making music, playing hockey and training with his “Battle Buddy”, dog Apollo.

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