Duncan McLachlan


Combat Engineer 12 years & Infantry 8 years  with tours in Croatia / Bosnia, Germany, USA / Hurricane Katrina, Afghanistan


The effects of trauma on my life were incapacitating , a total shut down on life , angry, isolated , afraid , sleepless nights, nightmares, basically cut off from the world.


Cannabis opened me up to other forms of healing, helped me feel normal. When the angry days came the cannabis gave me the few extra mins I needed to breathe before reacting. Cannabis helped me quit smoking, start CrossFit,  and curb drinking as well. It made me a better person all around and for that I am forever grateful.


Mindshift Clinic in Fredericton, NB has been extremely helpful for me with doing neurofeedback, cognitive behavioral therapy and talk therapy. Massage, physio, dietitian and chiropractic treatments have also helped me become a better overall person with less limitations then I would have otherwise had. 


I have been there to Pipers glen 4 times now and my favourite part is reconnecting with people I haven’t seen in awhile and having real conversations. It’s so amazing to connect and share life stories. The waterfall is amazing and gives healing to all who go there. 

What worked well for me

I liked working with Veterans For Healing , MindShift with Dr Joan Wright and team, Vincovis Group is amazing in Fredericton for veterans CrossFit, and GAFF as a volunteer to help others find a path forward. 


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