Jack Rennie

My Career

I’m an Advanced Care Paramedic and have been in the industry for nearly a decade. I’ve worked in urban, rural, northern, industrial, clinical, and educational flight settings throughout my career which have brought me to nearly every corner of Saskatchewan. Every career choice and every job that I’ve taken has been a better situation then the last one. In January I intend to semi-retire and decrease my EMS employment to casual so that I can give more focus and energy to the GAFF.

My Trauma

The effects of my trauma were such that I completely lost my sense of identity and purpose and began experiencing hyper vigilance, night terrors, mood swings, agitation, disassociation and impulsive behaviour.  As a child I had witnessed what happens when you become pigeonholed by the medical system and medicated and knew that it was within my best interest to take my healing into my own hands.

Although I qualified for a diagnoses for moderate to severe PTSD, I never received a formal diagnosis. 
Nearly 5 years since I began my healing journey I can now say that I no longer meet the criteria for PTSD although I am very aware that this could change very quickly as it has in the past. I like to say that my PTSD is currently in remission, or that I’m in recovery.


Cannabis helped initially with some of the symptoms of my trauma, but since I had to return to work on the ambulance and in some cases be drug tested at work I had to use it very minimally.

Natural Therapy

Other therapies that I found to be very effective were Accelerated Resolution Therapy, Yoga/meditation, neurofeedback, equine therapy, bodytalk/reiki, sound healing, sweat lodge/First Nations healing, and land based healing.

Retreat Therapy

I have not yet been to Pipers Glen, but look forward to seeing it next spring or summer!! 


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