Stephen O’Brien

My Career

Canadian Military Artillery (18 yrs )

Infantry  (4 yrs )


Bosnia 2001-02

Afghanistan 2007 and 2010

My injuries during my tours and everyday activities had a horrible effect on my body and mind.

  • PTSD

My Trauma

It caused me to shut out the world and live a miserable life on pharmaceuticals for 2 years.  I’ve been in numerous treatment plans and will be for life.  I’m a 43 yr old male who is restricted to certain things.   I lost the ability to play sports, which were my releases to allow me to destress.  I cope using numerous coping mechanisms learned over the years.

Then I met Fabian Henry and Mike Southwell, 2 individuals who put themselves out there for the benefits of many veterans,  first responders,  police, etc.  They created a space for guys and girls, of all ages to come and be around people who are suffering like us.  Best thing that ever happened to me.  I’ve got all the respect in the world for these guys.


I started using Cannabis in 2014 medically and never looked back.  I managed to find what I needed through the help of Canada House Clinics and happily I can report doing way better.

Treating the Root

I am currently getting professional support from MindShift Clinic run by Joan Wright.   It’s an amazing place and recommend highly.

Retreat Therapy

Going to the retreats in Pipers Glenn, Egypt falls, was one of the best healing adventures I’ve done to date.  CB is amazing but having a retreat like that helps so many people breathe again.

My New Purpose

I’ve had lots of ups and downs , lost some family, friends and ex coworkers.  I plan to move forward looking, thinking and loving again, but most of all I want to love me again.


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