The 4 Pillars of Healing

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Pillar 1

Canabis 101

Learn more about cannabis and how it can help you.

Pillar 2

Treat the Root Cause

Learn more about mental health therapy and what actually works.

Pillar 3

Natural Healing

Learn more about how to connect to your self naturally.

Pillar 4

Reshape Your Purpose

Finally start living the life you always wanted.

cannabinoid THERAPY

Prime your mind with cannabis therapy and bring your body and mind into a state of balance. Cannabis awakens your nervous system producing a neurotransmitter called anandamide. This will make you feel joy, calm your nervous system and help you feel normal again.

Learn more about using cannabis to treat PTSD.

Treat the root cause

Enrolment into the Vac Rehab Program for Canadian Veterans is required to receive the professional medical treatment for service related injuries. Such treatments as CBT, EMDR, Neuro/biofeedback, among other treatment options now allow for a better understanding of the root cause surrounding ones trauma. If you have a CAF service related injury we can help guide you in the right direction.

Natural Healing methods

Ok, you’re getting close now, understanding and continuing to work on the root cause of your trauma. Expect set backs but just bumps in the road, this is where the hard work becomes the heart work and we don’t mean cardiac. To be vulnerable and make tough choices is a sign of being on the right path toward finding who you are. Lashing outward is usually a reflection of ones own reality requiring more individual practice on some of the modalities listed. So, be easy on yourself because your 27 year old trauma brain doesn’t know your 39, for example.


  • Yoga
  • Breath Work
  • Meditation
  • Reiki
  • Forrest Bath
  • Nature Forge
  • Float Tanks

  • Beaches
  • Waterfalls
  • Hiking Trails
  • Horseback Riding
  • Food  Nutrition
  • Exercise

Reshaping your Purpose

This is the final design in our patient-centred model of care where your warrior spirit and Toltec wisdom collide to reshape purpose, find responsibility, and get back to the meaning of life. To successfully complete our program you should attend Cape Breton Islands Margaree Wellness Centre in all four seasons.

The beauty in the sacred pipers glen forrest and Margaree Valley absorbing the sights, smells, sounds and colours our landscape has to offer is healing. It’s by this time we feel you will have found purpose again allowing your mind, body, and soul to embrace the solitude of the elements knowing you were never alone in this vast universe to begin with. 

TRAUMA FOCUSED RESOURCES offers a growing list of resources—including websites, downloads, and information—to help guide soldiers & veterans towards the care and services needed when transition to civilian life.

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Stories of Healing

Here are some stories of the ongoing quest to find balance and renewed health. This is what worked for them as they navigated the depth of trauma they were expiriencing.

Duncan McLachlan

MY CAREER Combat Engineer 12 years & Infantry 8 years  with tours in Croatia / Bosnia, Germany, USA / Hurricane Katrina, Afghanistan MY TRAUMA The effects of trauma on my life were incapacitating , a total shut down on life , angry, isolated , afraid ,...

Stephen O’Brien

My Career Canadian Military Artillery (18 yrs ) Infantry  (4 yrs ) Tours.. Bosnia 2001-02 Afghanistan 2007 and 2010 My injuries during my tours and everyday activities had a horrible effect on my body and mind. PTSDMAJOR DEPRESSION HIGH ANXIETY OCD TENDENCIES BACK...

Jack Rennie

My Career I'm an Advanced Care Paramedic and have been in the industry for nearly a decade. I’ve worked in urban, rural, northern, industrial, clinical, and educational flight settings throughout my career which have brought me to nearly every corner of Saskatchewan....

Scott LeBlanc

My Career I am a first responder. I have 20 years in firefighting and rescue related services. During my career as fire and rescue I worked in the oilfields of Alberta and BC, as an instructor for rescue, with NSDNR on their helitack crew, and as a volunteer in my...


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The 4 Pillars of Trauma Recovery

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