Pillar 3- Learn to Love Yourself

Natural Therapies Help Break Down The Walls 

Think about the anxiety-inducing effect of consistent worry- when negative patterns repeat in our minds, we build walls around our heart resulting in “blocked energy”. 

Learn to practice self-love. 

It means learning acceptance, strength, compassion and forgiveness. Your level of self-love influences the choices you make, the relationships you choose, how you project yourself and how you react. 

Practice awareness by turning inward and revisiting your true self to improve communication and connection with the people who matter in your life. 

Live Intentionally 

One of the truest forms of self-love is saying NO to people, places and experiences that leave you feeling drained. 

Choose people who love, respect and accept you. Strengthen the connections you already have, remove distractions and negative talk, slow down and savour the moments you spend with them. Watch fulfilling experiences show up almost instantly! 

Be Your Own Best Friend 

Best friends aren’t just there for the good times. Treat yourself the same by accepting ALL your emotions, without judging or hiding them. 

Emotions are a gift to grow from- don’t criticize, compare, feel like a failure or settle for less than you deserve. Replace negative self-talk with an empowering voice that says you’re always worthy and encourage yourself to make healthier decisions. 

Learn to Let Go 

Bitterness, resentment and guilt block happiness. Learn to forgive yourself and others. (Don’t mistake it for condoning bad behavior!). 

Set Boundaries 

Preserving your energy and self-respect are integral in healthy relationships. 

You have the right to say NO, be treated with respect, prioritize your needs, accept your mistakes and deny others’ unreasonable expectations. 


Lack of downtime actually amplifies our stress and sorrow. Rushing to yoga class or scrolling social media don’t count as downtime. Rested people are more intuitive, creative and giving. Learn to slow down, enjoy a hot bath, chew your meal, and get extra sleep.

Be Grateful 

Practice writing three things daily you’re grateful for to shift your energy and feel more present. The more you practice, it easier it becomes to be grateful, which causes us to focus on the good in our life instead of the bad. 

Focus on Your Body 

Toss weights, hike, dance or meditate- focusing into your body connects you to the present, helps with stress and grounds you. 

Learn to meditate- detach from negative emotions by focusing on your heart space instead of your breath. 

Self-love is different for everyone and by listening to your body, you’ll find what you need. By choosing to live with an open heart, you’ll illuminate the darkest of spaces. 


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